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This site is an essay library that serves as a publication platform for my students.  This site exists for the benefit of:         

  • past students of mine who publish here. For them, having a “public” in mind as they drafted helped them consider rhetorical aspects of their papers (like who might be reading it, how they might stumble upon it, and how it would look to that audience).  Now, this work is part of a digital “commons” where it continues to live and influence readers on the web;
  • current students of mine who need examples, inspiration, and models as they prepare to write a research essay in my writing class;
  • prospective students who are considering enrolling in my writing courses and wonder what kind of writing they might expect to do in my class; and
  • fellow teachers who are curious about what the undergrad experimental research essay looks like, and how to teach it.

In the writing courses I teach, I emphasize the marriage of formal experimentation and academic research in what I call the “experimental research essay.”  In “Let’s See Some Essays!  you will find about 40 examples of such essays written by my students over the years, divided by the courses in which the students wrote those essays.

In the literature courses I teach, I emphasize critical literacy and political action.

In all my courses, I try to learn with my students about what it means to be in a university, how the university can better live up to its mission to serve society, and what role reading and writing have in the movement to make academia more accessible, equitable, and just.

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